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I created this site to share my passion for motocross and for photography.

I am on the motocross circuits since 1997 and I discovered a few months ago the pleasure of digital photography.

The only goal of this site is to present my most beautiful pictures. You won't find here professional quality pictures but simply pictures taken by a fan lost in the crowd and fighting to get the best pics as possible.

An important thing in photography is the quality of the hardware. My first pictures were taken with a 'compact' digital camera (Kodak DX4900). Too much limited by the small zoom, I quicky bougth a 'bridge' camera (Konica-Minolta Z2) then, in augustus 2006, another 'bridge' more reactive (Canon Powershot S3 IS). Now, having fun with sport photography, I am upgrading to a 'reflex' digital camera (Canon EOS 1DmkIII) and 'pro' lenses to get better quality pictures.

If you want to make a link to my site, please include the following code on your site :
- text link :
<a href="">mxphotos</a>
- picture link :
<a href=""><img src=""></a>
(of course you may import logo_mini2.jpg on your site for a quicker access)
If you want me to put a link to your site, just send me an e-mail.

This site has been completely written with notepad (HTML, PHP, CSS). All the graphic parts are home-made.

Have a pleasant time on my site,